LMS Annual Review

LMS Annual Review 2014-2015

The Society is committed to meeting the demands both of its members and of the mathematical sciences as a whole, and to do this as efficiently as possible we have formulated strategic priorities to guide us as we undertake our various activities: communicating and advancing mathematical knowledge, promoting research in all areas of mathematics, publicising its benefits, and at the same time ensuring the long-term sustainability of the mathematical research community.

In 2015 the Society celebrated its 150th Anniversary. The overarching theme for the Anniversary celebrations was Mathematics Unlocking Worlds and to communicate the following messages to a wide audience

Mathematics transforms people’s lives

Mathematics is everywhere and for everyone

Mathematics Research: Curiosity, Creativity, Discovery

The Annual Review for 2014-15 describes the wide range of events that have taken place during the Anniversary celebrations along with other LMS events and activities.

LMS Annual Review 2014-2015 (PDF)


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