LMS Blogs Page

Below is a list of blogs which are hosted by the LMS.

  • LMS Election Forum 2015
    This is a forum for discussion with candidates for election to LMS Council and Nominating Committee in 2015. All members are encouraged to contribute to the discussion.
  • REF Blog
    This blog is intended as a forum for discussion REF and in particular how it affects the mathematical sciences. Contributions are welcome from anyone with an interest in the REF, whether they are members of the LMS or not.
  • Members' blog
    For discussion of all matters to do with the LMS, its role, activities, constitution, future development, and so on.
  • Open Access
    This blog is intended as a forum for news, views, and discussions of current issues in mathematics publishing, especially green/gold open access, and the likely effects of Government policy changes on mathematics research. Contributions are welcome from authors, editors, referees, publishers, readers, funders, and other interested parties.
  • Education forum (managed by the Education Committee)
    Online forum and blog for round table discussions, exchange of news, views, analyses and observations of mathematics education.
  • Infinitesimals
    The aim of this blog is to act as a forum for discussion of a wide range of issues related to infinitesimals in all their manifestations in mathematics and its applications (first of all, in physics), in mathematical didactics, in history and philosophy of mathematics.

Links to other mathematical blogs which may be of interest.  The LMS is not responsible for content of external links.