Teacher CPD Grants

Objectives: The scheme is to provide opportunities for mathematics teachers to attend training which is specifically mathematical.  It is intended to facilitate mathematical professional development to allow teachers in UK schools/educational institutions to:

a)            Develop their subject knowledge.

b)            Engage in a deeper understanding of how to develop mathematical thinking

c)            Appreciate the interconnectivity of mathematical topics

d)            Update themselves on mathematics curriculum reform

e)            Use technology when and where appropriate


Eligibility: Any application for a grant under this scheme must be made by a teacher of mathematics or ITE provider based in the UK.  The grants are open to teachers of mathematics from primary school to A-Level or equivalent (inclusive of STEP/AEA).

Criteria: The Grants are to support teacher attendance at specific one or two day conferences/events organised by professional mathematical organisations.  This will include a contribution to the costs of registration for the course and a proportion of the travel and subsistence expenses of attendees.

The Grants are also to assist providers of professional development to run conferences and courses that allow participants to further their professional development.

The Grants can also cover the costs of external trainers in schools/educational institutions.


The grant:

• Will not cover generic training;

• Will not pay teaching supply cover;

• Will not cover attendance at exhibitions or courses/conferences organised by exam boards or commercial organisations.


Value of award:  Upto £400.


Deadlines and decisions timetable:

Applications should be submitted well in advance of the date of the activity.  Application deadlines are 31 August, 30 November, 31 January and 30 April. 

Grants will not be made retrospectively.


Queries regarding applications can be addressed to the Grants Administrator who will be pleased to discuss proposals informally with potential applicants and give advice on the submission of an application.


Grant Administrator:  Duncan Turton (email: education@lms.ac.uk, tel: 020 7927 0801).


Application Form:

Teacher CPD Grant Application Form (Word)

Teacher CPD Grant Application Form (PDF)