Undergraduate Research Bursaries

London Mathematical Society Undergraduate Research Bursaries 2016

"It was a crucial experience for me and my decisions about my future."


"I was always quite interested in pursuing a PhD, taking part in this project has made this a certainty.  It's only been a few days since the project wound to a close and I'm already wanting to start on something else."


"I feel like the last 8 weeks have been one of the most significant ones of my academic career thus far in influencing my future plans."


"This opportunity has given valuable experience of what a career in research might be like and has definitely inspired me to pursue one [ …] I would thoroughly recommend applying for this bursary to anyone who wants to find out what a career in mathematical research might be like."


The purpose of the awards is to give experience of research to undergraduates with research potential and to encourage them to consider a career in scientific research.

The awards provide support for the student at a rate of £180 per week (or £190 per week in London), for a period of between 6 and 8 weeks.



Queries may be addressed to Katy Henderson (urb@lms.ac.uk).


URB Poster

Image from David Baker's 2014 project.


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Images from Christopher Nicholl's 2013 research project.