Book orders

Books published by the London Mathematical Society are listed in the Publications Catalogue.

General public and book sellers
Orders from the general public and book sellers should be sent directly to the relevant publisher (Cambridge University Press, Princeton University Press, American Mathematical Society; see information about each book series on the Books page).

LMS Members
Members who wish to order books should proceed via the following links.

  • Algebraic Number Theory by Cassels and Fröhlich (LMS): ordering information
  • LMS Lecture Note Series (Cambridge University Press): order form
  • LMS Student Text Series (Cambridge University Press): order form
  • LMS Monographs Series
         – volumes 1–30 (1983–2004) (Oxford University Press): order form
         – volume 31 and onwards (2004– ) (Princeton University Press): please contact Lois Edwards, University Press Group Ltd, c/o John Wiley & Sons Ltd, New Era Estate, Oldlands Way, Bognor Regis PO22 9SA; tel. (0)1243 842165; email If you are a member of the LMS, please mention this to obtain a discount.
  • History of Mathematics Series (LMS/AMS):
         – order from Eurospan,, tel. (0)1767 604972, fax (0)1767 601640; or
         – order (with remittance) from the AMS, American Mathematical Society, PO Box 845904, Boston, MA 02284-5904, USA. Credit card orders (Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover) to American Mathematical Society, PO Box 6248, Providence, RI 02940-6248, USA (email:, tel. (401) 455-4000, fax (401) 455-4046.
  • The Book of Presidents (LMS): order form